It is always heartbreaking to see someone you love incapable of taking care of themselves. It is in times like these that all we can do is to do our best to protect and care for our loved ones. Sometimes this requires seeking a guardianship in order to make the financial and health care decisions that they can no longer make for themselves.


As a guardian you will be given the power to make decisions for an incapacitated loved one in areas such as health care, housing, finances and and any other situation that arises. Essentially, you will be required to make decisions for someone who can’t. While this is an enormous responsibility, it is also often a necessary role when caring for elderly or disabled family members.

If you feel that someone close to you may not capable of making these important decisions on their own, call the Utrecht & Chamberlain, LLC Attorneys at Law to find out what is involved in establishing a guardianship, and what your responsibilities as a guardian may be. On the other hand, if you feel that you do not require another to be a guardian over your own decisions but have had one appointed for you anyway or are afraid one will be appointed against your will, call us to discuss how to take control of your own decisions back onto yourself.